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  • AS IT IS

  • 布拉格地方旅游局

    2019-11-20 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Nearly 8 million people visited the Czech capital of Prague last year, making it one of the most visited cities in Europe.Many visitors walk through the old city and take pictures

  • 煙囪飛鳥數量下降

    2019-11-19 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    People across the United States are putting up tall, narrow structures to help a little bird called the chimney swift. They hope the birds will use these structures as nesting area

  • 南蘇丹為成年人開設讀寫課

    2019-11-18 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    South Sudan, the world's youngest nation, is slowly trying to rebuild after years of conflict.South Sudan has the lowest literacy rate of any country worldwide. Only 27 percent of

  • 肯尼亞隊的目標是阻止致命的蛇咬

    2019-11-17 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Kenyan mother Beth Mwende heard her sleeping child cry out, but did not worry after the three-year-old quickly quieted down. The next morning, however, she found her daughter, Merc

  • 美國大學報紙道歉引發新聞報道爭論

    2019-11-16 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Student leaders of the newspaper covering Northwestern University have faced two waves of criticism recently.Readers were critical of the newspaper's reporting about protests at t

  • 英語口語與寫作中的斷句

    2019-11-15 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    This is Everyday Grammar.Today, I want to begin by asking you to listen to two sentences and compare their meanings. Are the meanings the same or different? Here are the sentences:

  • 非洲還不準備放棄石油

    2019-11-14 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Protests against climate change have been taking place in many countries throughout the year. Yet energy officials from one area appear unlikely to support calls to suspend use of

  • 柬埔寨反對派稱民主時機成熟

    2019-11-13 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Self-exiled Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy says the European Union's proposal to limit trade with Cambodia could support democracy there.He spoke from Malaysia after both

  • 有些地方提供未知之旅

    2019-11-12 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    When Dena Espenscheid answered an advertisement on social media, her sister warned her that she could have problems.The ad was a weekend vacation to an unknown destination.The offe

  • 黎巴嫩的抗議者成國家需要重塑

    2019-11-11 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    The city of Beirut in Lebanon appears to be a picture of elegance and success. It has French stores selling costly goods, pricey hotels and its streets are filled with imported car

  • 在死刑威脅和逮捕后 烏干達同性戀社區籠罩著恐懼

    2019-11-10 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Twenty-one-year-old Shamim Pretty has found shelter in a Kampala safe house for the past three years.Shamim Pretty is not her real name. She told VOA when she was 16 years old, her

  • Trying, or Doing One’s Best

    2019-11-09 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Today we answer a question from Alan in China.Question: I'm wondering about the difference between "try" or "do one's best." My English teacher told me they are same. But I belie

  • Appositives: Renaming Words and Other Terms

    2019-11-08 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Imagine you want to improve your writing skills. Perhaps you would like to take an English test or use English in a business email.Today on Everyday Grammar, we will talk about som

  • 去美國旅游的中國人減少了

    2019-11-07 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    The United States tourism industry is facing a problem: A drop in the number of Chinese visiting U.S. cities and states.Close to 3 million Chinese traveled to the country last year

  • 氣候變化對一些紐約人來說是個難題

    2019-11-06 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    New York's Broad Channel neighborhood is an island in more ways than one. Politically, its population actively supports U.S. President Donald Trump -- in a liberal city.But Broad

  • “告密者”意味著什么?

    2019-11-05 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    A lawyer said over the weekend that the person he represents is ready to answer questions from Republicans on an American congressional committee.Lawyer Mark Zaid's comments appea

  • 拯救山地大猩猩的努力顯示出進步的跡象

    2019-11-04 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Pato, a 19-year-old silverback gorilla, walked using his arms and legs toward an infant gorilla, Macibiri.Pato sat beside her and ran his long fingers through her fur.He was lookin

  • 舊輪胎去哪兒?

    2019-11-03 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Not long ago, Nabipur was a quiet farming village in northern India. Now the village is home to several large furnaces. They burn old tires from Western countries. The air is somet

  • Some or Any?

    2019-11-02 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    This week, we answer a question from Eri. Eri writes:Question:"Hi, VOA Learning English. I want to know how to use ‘any' & ‘some.'" – EriAnswer:Dear Eri,It ofte

  • Past Ability: Could, Was Able To, Managed To

    2019-11-01 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Imagine that you are interviewing for a job you really want. Most of the questions are in your native language, but the job will require you to use some English. So, the employer a

  • 新的航運規則旨在減少空氣污染 但可能損害海洋

    2019-10-31 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    New shipping rules aimed at reducing air pollution will take effect in January 2020. The rules, put in place by the International Maritime Organization, or IMO, will change the kin

  • 智利內閣重組后抗議活動仍在繼續

    2019-10-30 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    For two weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have been demonstrating in Chile's capital, Santiago.Fresh demonstrations and attacks on businesses were reported Monday. Thousands

  • 美國第二大購物中心在新澤西開業

    2019-10-29 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    The second-largest mall in America has opened its doors in the state of New Jersey.The mall, called American Dream, has been in development for more than 20 years. The $5-billion p

  • 阿拉坎軍隊訓練戰士反對緬甸軍隊

    2019-10-28 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    In Myanmar, several hundred young people kick up dirt as they run early one morning along a dusty path. They are preparing to join groups such as the Arakan Army (AA), which operat

  • 沒有宗教信仰的美國人占比不斷上升

    2019-10-27 所屬欄目:AS IT IS

    Pew researchers said last week that 65 percent of American adults describe themselves as Christian. That is down from 77 percent in 2009. Pew also reported that both Protestant and

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