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Guatemala’s constitutional court ruled that Zury Ríos, the daughter of a former dictator, could not stand in June’s presidential election, in which she is a leading candidate. The court found that relatives of coup leaders are barred from the presidency. Efraín Ríos Montt took power for 18 months in the early 1980s in a coup. He died last year during a retrial of his quashed conviction for genocide.
危地馬拉憲法法院裁定前獨裁者的女兒里奧斯Zury Rios不能參加6月份的總統選舉,她是領先的總統大選候選人。法院裁定,政變領導人的親屬被禁止參選總統。上世紀80年代初,埃弗拉因·里奧斯·蒙特(Efrain Rios Montt)在政變中掌權18個月。去年,他在其種族滅絕罪重審期間去世。

In Britain Theresa May was facing a humiliating defeat at the European Parliament elections. Ahead of the vote on May 23rd the new Brexit Party has sapped so much support from her Conservative Party that the Greens briefly polled higher, pushing the Tories into fifth place. The prime minister remains defiant, announcing that she will attempt for a fourth time to get her Brexit deal passed by the House of Commons in early June.

Sweden reopened a rape case against Julian Assange, who is currently in prison in Britain for evading bail. If the investigation ends with a request for extradition, Britain will have to decide whether to send him to Sweden or to America, which also wants to try him, for allegedly helping to hack classified documents.
瑞典重新審理朱利安·阿桑奇(Julian Assange)強奸一案,目前阿桑奇因保釋期間逃跑在英國監獄服刑。如果調查以引渡請求結束,英國將不得不決定將他引渡到瑞典還是美國的問題。美國也希望對他進行審判,理由是涉嫌協助竊取機密文件。

The European Commission warned Romania to change new rules that will give the government more power over the judiciary and will shorten the statute of limitations for corruption charges. If it does not, it could face disciplinary action similar to that dished out to Poland. Awkwardly, Romania currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU.

Rodrigo on a roll

Candidates backed by Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, won nine of the 12 seats up for grabs in the Senate in mid-term elections, as well as a strong majority in the House of Representatives. The results should give fresh impetus to Mr Duterte’s plans to overhaul corporate taxes and amend the constitution to institute a federal form of government.

Sri Lanka imposed a curfew after mobs began attacking mosques and Muslim-owned businesses. The attacks are in retaliation for the bombing of several churches and hotels at Easter by Muslim extremists.

North Korea demanded the immediate return of a ship America had seized on suspicion of violating un sanctions. America said the ship was being used to export coal illicitly. The North denounced the seizure as “gangster-like”. Relations between the two countries have deteriorated recently as disarmament negotiations have stalled.

China’s president, Xi Jinping, said it would be “foolish” to regard one’s own civilisation as superior and “disastrous” to attempt to remould another. His remarks appeared to be directed at America. Two weeks earlier a State Department official, referring to China, said America was involved in “a fight with a really different civilisation” and for the first time was facing a “great power competitor that is not Caucasian”.


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